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Must Haves for Habitat Management in 2022

There is always work to be done when talking about Quality Habitat Management, and the last thing a manager needs to worry about is finding a new company every year because the products did not preform to meet their goals and high expectations. The work you incorporate now will impact, not only this upcoming hunting season, but hunting seasons for years to come. So, finding reliable products that will exceed your management goals now, will set your properties up for the best management possible.

AccuForage has been in the business of producing the highest quality feed, food plots and minerals for wildlife since 2015. With a team composed of wildlife specialists and agronomists with educational degrees from the Pennsylvania State University. Years of research working alongside various universities has allowed AccuForage to establish and produce recipes that provide essential nutrition and PROVEN ANTLER GROWTH.



Quality food plots are a valuable resource for any habitat manager when it comes to creating quality habitat for wildlife management. Very rarely is there a circumstance when I wouldn't suggest planting a food source. Forage is one of the most important factors to consider when producing quality habitat management, and without it your hunting may be sporadic and unsuccessful.

Lucky Leaf is a blend of red and white clovers with a dash of chicory. This 5-year perennial plot is the most addictive clover plot on the market. Lucky Leaf is shade tolerant and can withstand long periods of drought. So easily growable, its classified as the most dependable and versatile forage blend. Properly formulated for whitetail deer, Lucky Leaf packs a punch with high protein that boosts bone, muscle and antler development. This adaptable blend performs under a wide variety of environments including extreme cold, extreme heat, dry and wet climates. Deer can't resist the addictive forage will travel from near and far to get their share.

Is your property open or lacking tall, thick cover that deer love? Out of Sight is the newest screening blend on the market. AccuForage specifically developed this annual plot to produce the tallest, thickest cover to be planted as a visual barrier, comfort cover or traffic funnel. Out of Sight will grow up to 12 feet tall, and is designed to have alternating branching to provide a very thick barrier from top to bottom. Your imagination is the only thing limiting the number of ways Out of Sight can be used.

Out of Sight can be used to create:

  • Edge

  • Cover for deer to feel secluded in food plots

  • Cover for deer movement

  • Funnel systems

  • Human travel corridors

  • Cover for hunters to access open areas

  • Deer bedding

  • Shield food plots from roadways or neighboring properties

The endless battle of maintaining and sustaining wild turkey populations isn't getting any easier. Which is why the need for AccuForage's innovative Grand Slam has become so apparent. Grand Slam is the only food plot blend on the market solely developed to support your wild turkey populations.

Grand Slam provides sustainability for wild turkey, like:

  • Creating areas for strut zone activities

  • Chufa to promote ground tuber digging

  • Hen and poult protection

  • Nesting protection

  • Foraging of clean grain off of dwarf grain species

  • Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter food sources

  • Year-Round attraction

  • Dwarf sunflowers and grain crops to promote fat digestibility through winter


Antler Growing Feed

Buck Yeah! is scientifically proven to be the most rejuvenating and attractive deer feed on the market. With years of research and field trials with multiple universities, AccuForage has developed the most nutritious feed out there that will grow bigger and healthier deer. Buck Yeah!'s insane amount of attraction means you will be pulling deer off of neighboring properties and keep them on yours. This one-of-a-kind supplemental feed is made to give the deer what they want and what they truly need to grow to an optimal level while respecting your hard earned money.

Buck Yeah! is the only supplement on the market with proven antler growth year after year in wild free range whitetails. With it comes:

  • 20-30% increase in year to year antler development

  • Specially formulated essential minerals and vitamins

  • High quality ingredients

  • Grains grown from AccuForage's Farming operation

  • Year-round nutrition

  • Long-term scent dispersal

  • Available in 40lbs shipped right to your door.

  • Pallet orders are available


Antler Growing Minerals

Stump Dumper comes loaded with calcium, phosphorus, zinc and many more elements that are essential to not only boost antler growth, but to assist with building and strengthening bone structure. This one of a kind mineral is definitely a must have when antler development starts (immediately after sheds drop). True minerals are often overlooked and drowned out with salt, however, their proven impact on the health and sustainability of wildlife speaks for itself.

Stump Dumper is the most unique mineral on the market.

  • True Deer Mineral

  • Low salt content (12%)

  • Loaded with Calcium, Phosphorus, and Zinc

  • Mineral is actually visible

  • Loaded with Macro and Micro Nutrients

  • Minimum 30 day deer attraction

  • Place on rotten stumps or existing mineral sites for long term attraction

  • Blends in with natural surroundings

  • Effortless antler development

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