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Dave Conklin


Dave brings a key knowledge of plant and soil interactions to help innovate AccuForage's food plot blends. Graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor degree in Agronomy Sciences and a minor in Horticulture. With extensive knowledge in soil and plant interactions, he is the starting point in developing AccuForage's food plot blends. 


Kory McConnell

Wildlife Habitat &

Nutrition Specialist

Kory has been hunting since the day he could walk. Graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries and a Associates degree in Wildlife Technology. His passion and education then into a reputable professional career, doing fawn capture studies in Nebraska, working on a hunting preserve in NY. Now he brings his knowledge of cervid physiology, nutrition and behavior to AccuForage.


Taylor Holt

Wildlife & Habitat Specialist

Growing up in a hunting and forestry focused family, Taylor found her passion for the outdoors, and chose to study Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University. With her forestry and wildlife background, her professional career has taken her in a variety of directions, from USFS, local forestry companies, as well as working on West Nile research study for ruffed grouse with Pennsylvania Game Commission. Taylor  now brings all of those experiences and knowledge.

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Co-Owner: Seeking Moments

Orion Alexis

AccuForage Field Staff

Moments caught through the lens of a camera!

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Owner :Tag Out Outdoors

Steve Stone

AccuForage Field Staff

Steve started hunting with his father when he was 11. Over the years, Steve has gained knowledge from personal experiences, as well as other hunters, and is sharing his knowledge and passion for hunting with his wife and 2 year old son. He enjoys hunting squirrels, deer, and turkey, but harvesting a ram has always been on his bucket list.


Owner: Flinging Arrows

Co-Owner: The NonTypicals

Erik Botwright

AccuForage Field Staff

Erik enjoys hunting, spending time outdoors, and shooting his bow as much as he can! He so spends an extensive amount of time running my blood tracking dog, Benny. I recently started "Flinging Arrows" on social media to give archery updates, tips. While also help run The NonTypicals with 9 other buddies throughout Pennsylvania. 


Co-Owner: The NonTypicals

Cody McClintick

AccuForage Field Staff

Cody's family has always been very outdoor oriented, and has had Cody and his brother in a tree stand with his aren't since they were young. Cody has had lots of experience planting AccuForage food plots on his farm with phenomenal results. Cody enjoys all types of hunting, especially with his buddies. 


Owner: HFE Outdoors

Zac Redmond

AccuForage Field Staff

HFE Outdoors: Hunting, Fishing, and everything. This social media platform is to show my adventures outdoors, while also providing tips and tricks to make followers successful


Hunter Richardson

AccuForage Field Staff

Co-Owner: The NonTypicals

Currently working for the US Forest Service as a Wildland Fireman, based in Utah. I love hunting, fishing, and shooting 3D and indoor archery. 

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