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Don't Forget Brassicas

Fall Frenzy: brassica blend providing fall/winter forage. 6lbs will cover a complete acre to provide substantial space to let the brassicas grow to optimal size. (size of bowling balls). AccuForage’s “Fall Frenzy” provides the perfect blend of nutrient packed, frost hearty forage. This scientifically engineered food plot mix is a gateway to a strong, healthy deer herd. With the “Fall Frenzy” you can create a feeding frenzy. This food plot mix is loaded with a nutrient rich blend of brassicas. From our research, protein is the most utilized nutrient by deer herds. In this specifically formulated mix, quality protein is prominent. Our three main ingredients contain a 20% or higher rate of protein intake, making “Fall Frenzy” irresistible. Any sportsmen looking for a great wildlife attractant should look no further than AccuForage’s “FALL FRENZY"

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