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The mineral that we have been proud to stand behind for our antler development assistant, is also a separate product, Stump Dumper. Designed to blend into natural surroundings, this mineral blend is not the typical antler growing Di-Cal formulation you see on the shelves today. Blended to a correct ratio with dry molasses to assist in consistent absorption from the deer and for added natural attraction. Stump Dumper is a very addictive tool that benefits both the deer manager and also the deer herd. This nutritional attractant can be most utilized on decaying stumps, logs, but can also be used on the ground. This is not a feed; this product makes a rotten stump into a hotspot for deer nutrition. Once location is chosen, pour the entire contents of the package onto the stump, in the capture view of your trail cameras. Replenish the nutritional attraction every month. Just because you can’t see the product, that means the product is being retained by the stump. The longevity is approximately 30 days.


If you are looking to get more than (3) 40lb bags of Stump Dumper please call and we can get you a more accurate/affordable price on shipping!

Stump Dumper

  • Our mineral is providing  20% antler growth year to year on all of our clients properties. 

    Low Salt/ Sodium content: 12 %

    Loaded with essenetial vitmamins and minerals

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