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Spring king is research approved for production of early nutrient and protein vegetative forage, as well as seed and grain in late summer. “Spring King” works perfect to prepare or alternate your forage areas between your Fall Frenzy and Lucky Leaf food plots. This blend has a variety of forage for your wildlife needs including spring barley, spring oats, Italian sugar rye, Clemson clover, and triticale. Bring in the king with spring king catalyst.

Spring King Catalyst

  • 24.95% Crimson Clover

    19.60% Koga Tetraploid Rye

    18.91% Mammoth Red Clover

    6.97% NE Premium Alfalfa VNS

    5.99% Robust Barley

    5.98% Spring Triticale

    5.98% Jerry Oats

    5.27% Dynamite Red Clover

    3.00% Wildlife Grain Sorghum

    0.32% Other Crop

    0.06% Weeds

    0.25% Inert matter

    2.72% Coating Material

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