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Soil tests are beneficial to get an accurate "health report" of your plot's soil. Periodic soil tests can be useful to know where your soil stands and what it needs to produce a more successful forage plot or crop. An area's foliage or crops are only as healthy as the soil they grow in. 


Purchase of "Soil Test Consultation"  includes a digital copy of the soil test form you will need for each individual plot and consultation from AccuForage's test of Wildlife and Habitat Specialists, as well as our on-staff Agronomist.

Customer is responsible for collecting soil samples (following guidelines in "How to Take a Soil Sample"), providing sealable bag to contain samples and shipping envelope, as well as test and shipping fees when submitting samples.   



Soil Test Consultation

  • Tools Needed:

    Clean digging tool or soil probe

    Gallon sealable storage bag

    Bucket or tray


    -Take sample with clean digging tool to your tillage depth (If you are unsure of your tillage depth, 6 inches is our recommendation for a generalized sample).

    -We recommend scattered samples at a minimum of 10 sample sites per acre. 

    -Combine samples well in a bucket or tray, and allow to air dry for atleast 24 hours before packaging about a cup in sealable storage bag. 

    -If you are testing multiple plots, DO NOT mix or submit samples in the same bag. You will also need to fill out a seperate soil test form for each plot you are having tested. Keep seperate plot's samples seperate at all times. We even recommend cleaning your digging tool or soil probe between plots.

    -Fill in your information, a 10 character "Field/Sample ID" including the 2021 already in the box and mark any additional tests you would like the analytical lab to run on the soil test form (Refer to Expample form in product pictures). Enclose payment of $9 for basic and/or cost of additional tests you would like completed.

    -Place soil sample, completed form and payment in adequate sized mailing envelope, and ship to address listed in the top left corner of soil test form.

    -Results of the soil test will be emailed or mailed to your address listed on the soil test form. We will also receive a copy of the results and will follow up with you to give a comprehensive "Analytical Summary for Field ID/Customer Name".

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