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Out of Sight will grow 12+ feet in all varities of soil.


This multi-function blend will do just about anything.  Many blends marketed as food plot screening have plant material that wildlife will eat, but that defeats the purpose of using screening to enter and exit a hunting location.


The uses are endless but here are some examples:

  • Edge
  • Cover for deer to feel secluded in food plots
  • Cover for deer movement
  • Funnel systems
  • Human travel corridors
  • Cover for hunters to access open areas
  • Deer bedding
  • Shield food plots from roadways or neighboring properties


7 pounds will cover a ¼ of an acre.

Out of Sight

  • 5.9-7.0

  • Annual

    Sunlight: Full Sun to Partially Shaded

    Plant Dates: May 1st- July 25th

    • Soil must be 60 Degrees for seed to germinate


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