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Lucky Leaf: a blend of red and white clovers with a dash of chicory. This 3-5 year perennial plot is the most addictive clover plot on the market. Lucky Leaf is shade tolerant and can withstand long periods of drought. So easily growable, it's classified as the most dependable and versatile forage blend. Properly formulated for whitetail deer, Lucky Leaf packs a punch with high protein that boosts bone, muscle and antler development. This adaptable blend performs under a wide variety of environments including extreme cold, extreme heat, dry and wet climates. Deer cannot resist the addictive forage will travel from near and far to get their share.



Lucky Leaf

  • 22.67% Dynamite Red Clover

    14.94% Mammoth Red Clover

    13.15% Jumbo II Ladino Clover

    9.98% White Clover VNS

    9.91% Alsike Clover VNS

    6.51% Oasis Chicory

    0.05% Other Crop

    0.03% Weeds

    0.66% Inert Matter

    22.10% Coating Material


  • Perennial

    Sunlight: Full sun to partially shaded areas

    Optimum planting:

    • Perfect for FROST SEEDING
    • Spring planting: April 15th through June 19th
    • Fall Planting: July 20th through September 15th

    Seeding Rate: 20#per acre

    pH Requirements: 5.5- 7.0

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