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Grand Slam: The endless battle of maintaining and sustaining wild turkey populations isn't getting any easier. Which is why the need for AccuForages innovative Grand Slam has become so apparent. Grand Slam is the only food plot blend on the market solely developed to support your wild turkey populations.


Grand Slam provides sustainability for wild turkey, like:

  • Creating areas for strut zone activities
  • Chufa to promote ground tuber digging
  • Hen and poult protection
  • Nesting protection
  • Foraging of clean grain off of dwarf grain species
  • Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter food sources
  • Year-Round attraction
  • Dwarf sunflowers and grain crops to promote fat digestibility through winter

Grand Slam Wild Turkey Food Plot

  • 25.00% Dwarf Sunflowers

    15.00% Dwarf Sorghum

    15.00% Dwarf Corn

    15.00% Barley

    10.00% Millet

    5.00% Alfalfa

    5.00% Chufa

    0.01% Weeds

    0.03% Inert Matter


  • Sunlight: Full sun to partially shaded areas

    pH Requirements: 5.5- 7.0

    Optimal Planting Dates: April 5th- July 1st

    Seeding Rate: 20lbs per acre

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