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Spring King 

Spring King is a food plot that you want in your management strategies every year. Proper nutrition through out spring and summer, while also conditioning your soil for proper growth. 

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Be the King of Spring

Planting Requirements



Sunlight Required

A well drained area is best fit. 

Optimal planting dates:

April 5th- August 10th

Maximum seed depth:

1/4" to 1/2"

Options Available:

10,000 sqft

1/3 acre

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Site Preparation

1. Obtain Soil Sample.

2. Apply herbicidal treatment to rid unwanted material. Do this on dry material two weeks prior to planting. 

3. Apply recommended amount of fertilizer and lime provided by soil sample and consultation. 

Breaking Ground

Soil contact is required for a successful food plot.

1. Work ground and break up top soil. No more than  5 inch deep. Establish a strong, smooth seed bed. 

2. Spread seed using a broad cast seeder, following seeding rates provided on packaging. 

3. Slight compaction required. Do not compact seed deeper than 1/2''.

(Burying seed to deep is the number one reason for failure). 

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Site Maintenance

Quality maintenance is required for a successful food plot. 

Recommendations to make your Spring King food plot thrive. 

1. 3-4 weeks after plant life emerges, apply 46-0-0 fertilizer at 150# per acre. 

2. Install plot ribbon or minimal fencing to reduce early grazing activity. 

3. If your food plots go through a drought period, apply water until soil is moist, as often as you see fit. 

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