AccuForage's “Fall Frenzy” provides the perfect blend of nutrient packed, frost hardy forage. This scientifically engineered food plot mix is a gateway to strong, healthy wildlife. With the “ Fall Frenzy” you can create a feeding frenzy.


Insane Attraction

If you re looking to take a step up in your wildlife management or hunting practices, Fall Frenzy is the way to go. Wildlife species wont be able to resist the smell and taste, and they keep coming back for more.

Frost Hardy

Planted in late summer, this food plot can sustain wildlife until late winter. Once the first good frost hits, the sugars from the greens will then go into the very large vegetables. This will attract the biggest out of the woods to munch of the vegetables. 

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Shade Tolerant


Optimal planting dates: July 20th - August 15th 

Maximum seed depth is 1/4'' to 1/2''

Options available: 

1 acre

4 acres

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1. Obtain Soil Sample.

2. Apply herbicidal treatment to rid unwanted material. do this on dry material 2 weeks prior to planting.

3. Plow and do first round of disking. 

4. Apply recommended amount of fertilizer and lime provided by soil sample and consultation

Breaking Ground

Soil contact is required for a successful food plot. 

1. Work ground and break up top soil. Break up top soil as deep as you can. Establish a firm, smooth seed bed. 

2. Spread seed using a broadcast seeder, following seeding rates provided on packaging. 

3. Slight compaction required. do not compact seed deeper than 1/2''.

(Burying seed to deep is the number one reason for failure)

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Site maintenance

Quality maintenance is required for a successful food plot.


Recommendations to make your Fall Frenzy food plot thrive.

1. 3-4 weeks after plant life emerges, apply 46-0-0 fertilizer at 150# per acre.

2. Install plot ribbon or minimal fencing to reduce amount of deer activity. Fall Frenzy is highly addictive and can be devoured very quickly. 

3. If your food plots go through a drought period apply water until soil is moist.