Buck Yeah!

The ultimate nutritional feed supplement that  grows, maintains, and holds big bucks on your properties.

parade of Toms 2016.jpg

Tom Bomb!

Complete mix of grains to keep birds healthy and keep them coming into your hunting grounds. Proven to inhabit roost functions near site. 


Stump Dumper

The premium of premium minerals. Formulated with antler boosting minerals not found in other mixes. Will keep them coming for up to 10 months. 


Corn Mixer

Make your choice feed their choice feed. Makes any feed as attractive and nutritious as any other. 

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Doe Pro!

Big Bucks start with the mother. Give the proper nutrition to both does and fawns for optimal results. Formulated with fawn probiotics.


Wildlife Revive

Help support wildlife in their troubles when dealing with mother nature. Don't let them starve. 


Gold Standard Bird Feed

Natural grown grains that any bird species will love. Main ingredient is Black Oil Sunflower seeds. 


Squatch This!

Get them big and fat and keep them coming back. Perfect for any hog or bear hunter.